Moslem women need freedom.

Saudi girl ( now 19 ) gang raped ( 14 times ) by seven men is

sentenced to prison time and 200 lashes.

( After raping the girl, the Rapists took nude photos of her. )

Her punishment was increased from 90 lashes to 200 upon appeal.

This current victim of muslim law in saudi arabia is just one

of countless instances of terrible inhumane abuse

in the name of islam.

Mark 6:34

Jesus had compassion on the multitudes because they were

like sheep without a shepherd and He began to teach them many things.


Mark 1:41

Jesus was moved with compassion and put forth HIS hand

and touched the leper.....and the leper was healed.


Matthew 20:34


had compassion and touched their eyes: and

immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed HIM.


please open the eyes of the oppressed

that they may receive sight and follow


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